Bulk Email is the most crucial Internet Marketing tool. Any successful online promotional effort is incomplete without incorporating database or bulk email marketing and newsletter services. From ISO certified giant corporate to small and medium scale businesses, companies are now integrating direct email marketing into their customer acquisition and retention programs.

This method has an amazing return on investment potential. It is extremely cost effective when you wish to reach a large customer base. It streamlines the entire marketing communication structure. However, it is important to target highly specified prospects. Simply indulging in spamming and unsolicited mailing does not solve the purpose.

Our email marketing techniques ensure high open click and convert rates. We help you build and manage your email lists so that it does not result in unwanted spamming. This is achieved through efficiently segmenting the target audience and creating personalized email messages that are creative and interactive.

Our email marketing program offers you promotional campaign that it highly result oriented. It produces results faster than the conventional tedious marketing gimmicks. Email marketing generates measurable results which making it highly effective and a satisfying marketing experience for you. Though it has potential to reach a huge customer base yet, it is highly cost effective and target audience centric in its approach. Email marketing is known to have response rates as high as 27%. We have automated software that helps in taking a follow-up on leads.

We have extensive database of information on Indian as well as international market. We target your intended audience with impeccable effect. We base each campaign on its USP, unique target audience and goal of campaign. Our experts workout the right email marketing design, programming, road map development, list management, ROI analysis, campaign audits. We streamline your processes and offer you premium direct email marketing technology.

Having a newsletter service is a wise man's idea of marketing online. It gives you an interactive platform to reach highly targeted audience. You can have a slice of your customer's mind and know what they want. It has a great Public Relation tool which helps you to convey your message effectively, right on target. With the right kind of approach it can actually enable opinion formation. We actively undertake Newsletter campaigns for our clients. It essentially includes three activities: Designing, Editorial and Impact Analysis.

We have the experience and expertise to design newsletters specifically for online marketing campaigns. Our designs incorporate creative and relevant content writing along with appropriate graphics and illustrations. The editorial activity concentrates on proofreading and editing the content you provide us for your newsletter. If need we rewrite the content and customize it focusing on the target market. Finally in the analysis stage we track the business leads and analyze campaign performance. Readers' responses and feedback are given due consideration. This gives an insight into your customers' interests, concerns, needs and desires.

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