SVSoftware Solutions offers a number of Advance and Corporate SEO training programs and courses to help you take advantage of and develop your own in-house or personal knowledge base in search engine optimizations, either to further the benefit of your own organization, or as part of your personal development and career strategy in web design, development or online marketing.

Our search engine training programs and courses are designed to bring you up to speed on how search engines are operating, which ones matter, and most importantly how to optimize your website for them.

From the basics such as good page structure, keyword choices and meta data, right up to more advanced techniques such as designing search engine friendly architecture, content management issues, and some of the tips and tricks we've picked up and developed along the way. We also delve into the hotly contested debate over search engine spam, what it is, why not do it, and how to optimize effectively without getting yourself banned. If you're looking to learn Optimization, a SEO-Guru training program could give you what you need to get started and take over your own optimization skill.

  •   What is SEO?
  •   How Search Engine Works?
  •   Keyword Research
  •   On-Page Optimization Techniques
    •   Page Title
    •   Meta Description
    •   Meta Keywords
    •   Heading Tags
    •   Image Naming & Alt Tags
    •   Content Writing/Fixing
    •   Canonicalization & URL Formation Tips
  •   Search Engine Submission
  •   Google Analytics & Web Master Tools
  •   XML Sitemap & Robots.txt Creation
  •   Off-Page Optimization Techniques
    •   Directory Submission
    •   Social Bookmarking
    •   Article Submission
    •   Classified Ads Submission
    •   Video Submission
    •   E-Mail Marketing
    •   Reciprocal Link Building
    •   Other Off-page optimization techniques
  •   Blog Creation & Updating
  •   Social Media Optimization
    •   How to Promote Website/Business through Facebook (Free & Paid promotions)
    •   How to Promote Website/Business through Google Plus
    •   Twitter Promotions
    •   And some other Social Networking Site
  •   Google Adwords & PPC Campaigns
  •   Useful SEO Tools & Tips
  •   Latest Google Algorithm Updates
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