A domain name is a unique address that identifies you on the Internet. It allows people to reach your web site by using your domain name.

  •   Build name recognition for your company
  •   Create a professional image
  •   Cyber Mobility (you can move your site without losing your domain name)
  •   Domain name registration is the first step in launching an online business

It is the name of your business, your identification mark, the total web address in your online contact address. Hence domain name choice should involve in depth market research and business knowledge. Ironically, domain name seems to be an easiest task for online business, but it has to be effective and should influence the target audience. A well-chosen domain name can foster your business in various ways one of them is by increasing search engine traffic.

Domain name registration is a vital work while setting up a new business, so here in this article you can find several guidelines to consider while choosing an appropriate domain name.

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